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"It is clear to me that Another World is the outcome of an educational improvisation! At the beginning of 1990, the introduction was complete, the first level was being created and I had no clue about the following events, and even less about how the game would end!”


Another World  was originally created for the Amiga 500 almost entirely by Eric Chahi. I discovered this game in the early ’90s on Sega and was drawn to the fantastical cover design, also Chahi. Chahi pioneered his own animation technique in creating this game and worked in reverse, creating the story after formal experimentation with the software.

This game is great for its simplicity, visual style and concept. It has an abstract uncanny and dreamlike quality that lingers in your memory. There are very few words said and largely a visual narrative in 2D. I love the subtle uses of color and the darkness of the worlds. Although abstract in its illustrative reduction, it feels real. The light is simple but directional and beautiful at times. I find this game over and over and it inspires me for its visual style, creative process and iconic quality.

The game can be played on both pc and mac in a rom version, and possibly on iphones and smart media devices. 


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